2012 Resolutions

So, first off, I haven't been so great at keeping my blog up to date.  If there was a way of linking Facebook posts with my Blogger account, then I'd be updating more than anyone would think possible. (So if anyone knows how to do that, email me at megan -at- megankelleyhall.com - thanks!)

In any case, I'm going to try to update here more often. It seems easier just to post on Facebook and Twitter, since I know that people will read what I have to say.  That sense of immediate gratification, you know? You put something up on Facebook and then BAM two seconds later you get a few likes, a few comments. You know that people are reading your work.  This is strange for someone who writes books. Especially since there is such a long period of time between putting your words on paper (or onto the computer screen) and having your books purchased in stores (or through Kindle) and having people read and then review them.  The process is long and tedious and angst-ridden.  Definitely not for the faint of heart.

So instead of psyching myself out and writing long-winded blog posts, I'm going to try to make them short and sweet.

I'm ending today's post with an image that has been going around Facebook today and I thought it was very appropriate and dead-on in terms of why people become writers in the first place.

Hopefully I will be able to keep up on my New Year's Resolution and keep this site up to date. In the meantime, if anyone knows how to link up Facebook and Blogger, let me know!