Amanda Bynes Identity Crisis?

I know that I typically only post about writing related topics, but for my next novel I've been doing a lot of research on mental disorders and juvenile delinquents. Now I now that Ms. Bynes is not a teen and has not been officially diagnosed with a mental disorder (though many speculate that drugs are behind her sudden apparent craziness). And yet, I have noticed another interesting aspect about this young star. She seems to be physically morphing into other young stars.

See if you can tell the difference.

1. Amanda Bynes or Lindsay Lohan?

2. Christina Aguilera or Amanda Bynes?

3. Olsen Twin or Amanda Bynes?

4. Ke$ha or Amanda?

5. Miley Cyrus or Amanda?

6. Amanda or Blac Chyna?

Whatever the case, we all want to see the former fresh-faced Nickelodeon star as she was seen here at the MTV Movie Awards. She was a beautiful, healthy girl once and she can be that girl again. 

Until she figures out who she is and comes through this identity crisis (and whatever else might be affecting her mental state), Amanda Bynes may just end up being another unfortunate casualty of the the Hollywood Child Star syndrome. I really hope she pulls through this.